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A look at previous workshop.

On Oct 1,2021 I hosted my first workshop!  Fulfill Your Fullest Potential, was  the first installment in a series of workshop developed around an idea of: "If everyone had the tools to recover from the trauma's of their life and identify their gifts and have the opportunity to live and thrive in that gift, our world would be changed for the good." Over the past 15yrs I've discovered my gift and I want to offer that gift to anyone that will receive it with the intention to contribute to the growth and unification of the world for it's highest good!  Stay tuned for upcoming workshops but in the meantime enjoy this clip.

Restorative Yoga Classes

What is Restorative Yoga? It is a group of holds supported by bolsters, pillows and blankets that allow the body to release stress and trauma held in the body. This is important in the healing process to allow the parasympathetic to be activated, this allows rest and recovery, to take place in the body. The body is made up of a group of systems that are designed to recover from any damage imposed to it. Everything needed to heal is already there! The Parasympathetic are neurotransmitters that brings calm to the systems of the body so the recovery can begin. 

 Why is this so important?

 There is another neurotransmitter that initiates fight, fright or flight called the Sympathetic. When these neurons are activated, the body is working in overdrive and cannot recover from whatever injury is encountered. This is what induces stress, depression and trauma. When the systems of the body are constantly fighting, fearing and running, break down begins to occur. When the body begins to break down and the parasympathetic is not activated for a long enough period (causing lack of sleep usually) it is not able to sufficiently recover, which may lead to chronic pain, and disease to form in the body.

Restorative Yoga allows the mind, body and spirit to align which can aid in releasing toxic, harmful energy held in the body, to restore to its natural state of health and wellbeing.

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